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Home glass window replacement is done not only to meet the aesthetic value but to ensure safety and security. We at Complete Bathroom Renovations offer quality window replacement services in Sydney that meet all your expectations and security parameters. Our excellent team has years of experience handling the window replacement task smoothly within a pocket-friendly budget. Here is how our expert team does the glass windows replacement near me.


Assessment and Measurement of Windows

Before going ahead, our team first assesses the current condition of the windows and the existing windows. It helps to determine the appropriate size and the type of replacement glass. It involves measuring the dimensions of the window frame perfectly to ensure that the new glass will thoroughly fit.

Removing the Old Glass

After the measurements are thoroughly taken, the old glasses are carefully removed from the window frame. This process can vary according to the type of window and its construction model. In most cases, our team carefully removes the old glasses from their frames using special tools, ensuring zero or minimal damage to the existing structure.

Preparing Window Frame

Our Complete Bathroom Renovations team emphasises minute details during the entire process. They thoroughly clean the frame and inspect any sign of damage after removing the glass. If there is any debris, old caulking, or adhesive remaining, we use specialised tools to clean them to prepare the frame for installation of the new glass.

Installing Replacement Glass

After completion and thoroughly cleaning the frame, the replacement glass is then carefully placed into the window frame, ensuring that it fits properly and thoroughly fits well. Depending on the type of window and the installation method, the glass is secured in place utilizing glazing putty, adhesive tapes or mounting clips.

Sealing and Insulation

Once the replacement glass is in place, the next step is to properly seal the edges of windows to prevent air and moisture infiltration. Our team uses waterproof sealant or caulking that is applied along the perimeter of the glass where it meets the frame. We ensure that proper sealing has been done to maintain energy efficiency while preventing water damage.

Finishing Touch

Once the replacement glass is installed and sealed, finishing touches like trim or moulding get added to the window frame. It elevates the charm and aesthetic appeal and provides extra structural support.

Quality Check

After all these steps are completed, we conduct a quality check to ensure the replacement glass is thoroughly installed. We inspect any gaps or leaks while testing the operation and ensuring the window meets all the building code requirements.

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