Bathrooms Renovations

Superior Bathroom Renovations Sydney by Complete Bathroom Renovations

Complete Bathroom Renovations is the most reputed bathroom renovation company in Sydney. With a solid track record, we can renovate your bathroom with an excellent look and functionality. Our team of renovators can handle both residential and commercial bathrooms and make them the most pleasurable spaces.

Modern Bathrooms: The Fusion of Latest Accessories and Elegance

We understand the critical role of bathrooms in the daily lives of Sydney residents. We incorporate the latest design into the bathroom along with modern bathroom designs. We meticulously focus on clean lines and minimalism to make the space sophisticated and elegant.
  • Trendy Shower & Bath Accessories
We prioritise keeping the bathroom clutter-free while strategically placing showers and various bath accessories.
  • Freestanding Baths
Being one of the reputed bathroom renovation companies in Sydney, we offer freestanding baths that offer maximum relaxation while adding a luxurious centrepiece to the bathroom.
  • LED Strip Lighting
Our team works to set the mood and create a calming ambience with soft LED strip lighting that is perfect for unwinding after a long, hectic day.
  • Square Set & Shadow Line Ceilings
Our team has expertise in making appealing designs with our square set and shadow line ceilings. They improve the aesthetic value of the bath space and let you relax while taking the shower.
  • Wall-Hung Vanities
Our stunning wall-hung vanities offer a sense of spaciousness, and they are easy to clean.

Small Suits with Stunning Design and Big Functionality

We at Complete Bathroom Renovations can transform small bathrooms with stunning design and big functionality. We know the challenges of the limited room, and we offer tailored solutions to optimise both functionality and aesthetic value. Being the best bathroom renovation company near me, we install wall-hung vanity that enhances the floor space and are easy to clean. The in-wall toiled cistern further improves the illusion of spaciousness. Our aim is to offer maximum satisfaction with minimum accessory integration, and we have mastery of it.

Performing complete BATHROOM RENOVATIONS for Sydney homes

We strive to produce the best bathroom renovations that Sydney has to offer.

Luxurious Bathroom: Super Combination of Trendy Accessories and Exclusivity

Complete Bathroom Renovations offers luxurious bathroom renovation service that suits the modern lifestyle. These bathrooms feature:
  • Underfloor Heating
Easy to experience the unique comfort with the warmth of underfloor heating.
  • Heated Towel Rails
Cover yourself with a fluffy, warm towel with the heated towel rail. Though this is a small feature, it plays a critical role in enjoying your bath space.
  • Stone Baths & Basins
You can immerse yourself in timeless luxury with the stunning stone baths and basins that add the exclusive touch of opulence. Just give us a call and opt for our exclusive packages to make your bathroom the coziest space in your home!

Kitchen and Laundry Renovations completed by PROFESSIONAL LICENSED TRADESMEN

We strive to produce the best kitchen and laundry renovations that Sydney has to offer.